Contacts & Links

If you require further information about any aspects of this project please email us

or you may contact:

Dr. Jochen Langbein @LangbeinWildlife (Project Leader & Central Database)


or Message on Twitter @JoLangb

or Facebook @LangbeinWildlife

LINKS: Deer-Vehicle Collisions - Related Web-sites:

Avon and Somerset Injured Deer Policy Team

Lincolnshire Deer Group

Scottish Natural Heritage

British Columbia - Wildlife-Vehicle Accident Prevention Program

Deer-Vehicle Crash Information Clearinghouse (DVCIC) - Univ.Wisconsin, US

Advice for stalkers / vets / police and others who are called to deal with injured deer at the roadside may be found in an Advice note developed by BASC and the British Deer Society "Road Traffic Accidents and the Humane Dispatch of Deer" (obtainable from BASC, and BDS)

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