Participation in the study:

As part of this project we obtain records from a number of 'core' data sources able to provide regular input including for instance RSPCA and SSPCA Inspectors, Forestry Enterprise & National Trust Wildlife Rangers, Trunk Road management companies, Police and Road Safety Partnerships and many others.

However - In order to gain as full a picture as possible of the extent of minor as well as major traffic accidents and road casualties involving deer, we are in addition inviting input from :

  • Any individual deer managers, management group, or wildlife resuce teams who are called to deal with injured deer at roadsides.
  • Ecological Surveyors who may come across deer carcasses during road habitats survey work.
  • ....and indeed ANY individual members of the public who have either been involved in traffic accidents with deer or have seen a deer road casualty.

If you have any information on a deer road casualty or deer related traffic collision, you can chose to report these in a range of ways that best suits you, using:  

  • EITHER: - Internet On-line reporting form - click here
  • OR:         - OhDeer  Free Smart Phone APP  - now discontinued
  • OR:         - Multiple records download-form - click here

With increasing numbers of Wild Boar roaming the countryside, any traffic collisions with wild boar , and indeed other large animals can also be reported via our record 'form page'

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