Publications about the National Deer Collisions research project

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  • 2013 - 2019:
  • Deer Vehicle Collisions in Scotland Monitoring Project 2008-2019: Langbein. J. (2019) . Final Report to Scottish Natural Heritage. SNH Commissioned Report 1158.
    [report download page/ view pdf 16MB]
  • 2008 - 2012:
  • Monitoring DVC in England to end 2010: Langbein. J. (2011) . Final Report to Highways Agency . Deer Initiative Resarch Report 11/3.
    [Main report pdf 4MB] ; [Summary only 1MB] [additional Map Appendix I pdf - 14MB] .
  • Deer Vehicle Collisions in Scotland Monitoring Project 2008-2011: Langbein. J. (2011) . Final Report to Scottish Natural Heritage. Deer Initiative Resarch Report 11/2.
    [main report pdf 2MB] . [additional Map Appendix pdf - 17MB ].
  • For individual DVC Distribution Maps (by HA Trunk Road Managment Areas - England) click here.
  • Deer and existing trunk road structures : Langbein J. (2010) Pilot study to assess the potential of selected existing structures on the A30 and A38 trunk roads to provide safer crossing places for deer. [project overview and link to download pdf here]
  • Collisions Course [2] Langbein, J. (2010) article in Deer Vol. 15 (4) p10-12. Journal of the British Deer Society [ download pdf 1 MB]
  • Urban Deer Vehicle Collisions - A risky life for deer (Langbein, J. 2008) Urban deer conference, Oct. 08 Linnean Society, London / British Deer Society [3 MB pdf]
  • 2003-2007:
  • National Deer-Vehicle Collisions Project : ENGLAND 2003-2005. (Langbein, J. 2007) To download the Full project report (96 pp) incl. Exexcutive Summary, Maps and Figures click here [1.7MB, pdf]. An illustrated six page colour summary of the findings "Deer on our Roads - Counting the Cost" [click to download here [pdf 3.7MB] . If you require further detail on results see contacts page.
  • National Deer-Vehicle Collisions Project : SCOTLAND 2003-2005 (Langbein, J. and R. J. Putman 2006) Report to Scottish Executive. For Press Release by Deer Commission for Scotland about the above study click here. To download 2-page pdf file of Main Conclusions click here [500 kb, pdf] For Full Report incl. Summary, Maps and Figures click here [1.4MB, pdf]
  • Deer On Roads - Workshop, Ashridge , October 2007 : For Summary and to download presentations click here
  • DVCs and the Costs to the Motor Insurance Industry Presentation by J Langbein to UK Claims Managers Association, December, 2006. To download abridged version of powerpoint presentation click here.
  • Collision Cause: an article reviewing available measures to reduce deer-vehicle collisions; J Langbein and R J Putman (July 2006) DEER: The Journal of the British Deer Society, Vol. 13(10) p.19-23 download  [Pdf]
  • Deer-Vehicle Collisions : an article by J Langbein, July 2006, in IRSO IN-Roads Magazine download [Pdf]
  • Deer-Vehicle Collisions in Britain - not just a rural issue. J Langbein and R J Putman (2005),  In Practice Vol. 47 p.1-7 download [pdf]
  • Culling Carnage on the Highway . A Wilson and J Langbein (October 2004) Surveyor Magazine [article discussing Deer/Vehicle collisions issues and new trials in Suffolk to assess potential effectiveness of rumble strips; to download pdf [ 91 Kb] click here. To visit Surveyor magazine go to 
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